Ukrainian drone stalks Russian tank

The Ukrainian military has released aerial footage showing a drone that stalks through the trees a Russian main battle tank.

The video was obtained from the 72nd Mechanized Brigade on Wednesday, 8th March, along with a statement saying: “We nightmares enemy tanks to less disturb our troops. Because we love our Soldiers, but the enemy tanks do not.”

The footage shows bombs being dropped from drone above on top of a Russian tank.


Shot from above by the drone, the images show the UAV dropping several bombs on top of a Russian tank and later straight into the tank’s open hatch.

The causing puff of smoke emanating from the hatch can be seen after the blast.

The Oryx open-source intelligence site, which has been compiling photo and video evidence of material losses on both sides of the conflict, reports that 1807 Russian tanks are now visually confirmed to have been destroyed or captured in Ukraine since Russia began an invasion.

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