The best Philips Hue lights of 2023: Expert compared

Smart home products have become increasingly popular these days, and there’s no reason why your lightbulbs shouldn’t be a part of it. With a flick of a switch, you can completely transform the mood of any room or create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting solutions, Philips has made it incredibly easy to purchase starter kits and bundles that cover all your needs. One of the key advantages of Philips Hue lights is their compatibility with a wide range of smart home platforms. This enables you to effortlessly integrate your lights with other smart devices in your home, including your smart speaker, thermostat, or security system. For example, you can program your lights to turn on automatically when your security camera detects motion, or adjust them based on the temperature or time of day.

Philips Hue lights are also renowned for their user-friendliness and intuitive controls. You can use the Philips Hue app to customize your lights, create customized scenes or routines that fit your lifestyle, and connect your lights to third-party apps or services, such as IFTTT or Spotify, for endless creative possibilities.

With so many Philips Hue lights available, you might be wondering which ones are the best. Here are my top picks to help you choose the perfect Philips Hue lights for your home

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  • Millions of shades
  • Dimmable
  • Instant On feature

  • Pricey
  • Some scheduling kinks

Tech Specs: Type: LED | Wattage: 9 watts | Voltage: 120 volts | Bulb size: A19

The Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit covers all of your needs and then some with the best Philips Hue lights. 

These smart lights work with both your smartphone and tablet for ease with voice control. The instant-on feature saves you the hassle of fumbling for a light switch in the dark, plus there is dimmable lighting available to suit the moment. 

The shading is phenomenal, too, with 50,000 different shades of white and 16 million different colors. 


  • Highly portable
  • Excellent color shading
  • No hub required

  • Most features with hub
  • Limited brightness

Tech Specs: Type: LED | Wattage: 6 watts | Voltage: 240 volts

If you need lighting on the go, the Philips Hue Go is the ticket. The portable design makes it a simple matter to have lighting wherever you are. Make your own personal light show with more than 16 million colors and shades of white light. 

Control is easy with the touch of a button or the option of the Hue home automation system. Plus, there is wireless connectivity with voice control that works with Alexa when you own the Hue Hub. 

If you own other Philips products like the Hue Motion Sensor or Dimmer Switch, you can use your Hue to coordinate special lighting programs.  There are three hours of use before it is time to recharge. When it runs out of battery, simply recharge.


  • Easy scheduling
  • Fantastic compatibility
  • User-friendly

  • Expensive
  • Requires Hue Hub

Tech Specs: Type: LED | Wattage: 20 watts | Voltage: 120 volts

Lightstrips are a convenient way to add lighting to any space, and the Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip is certainly the best lightstrip you can buy. It is a way to instantly add mood lighting to any space with surround lighting from these LED lightstrips. 

With 45-degree light projection, experience beautiful blends of custom colors that shine upon your walls, bringing them to life with vivid shades of all your favorite colors. You can set your lightstrips to match your TV screen, casting colors based on your favorite content. 

However, for the best effect, you will need to add a Hue Bridge and Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, which are sold separately.


  • Convenient media syncing
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Spectacular color

  • Must purchase Hue Hub
  • Some syncing hiccups

Tech Specs: Type: LED | Wattage: 6.7 watts | Voltage: 240 volts

For your home theater, the Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light is undoubtedly the best Philips Hue light you can buy. Its flexible design means that it can be mounted or placed anywhere, giving you more options for use in your home. Now you can bring custom lighting to your own TV room for a home theater effect like none other. 

The Philips Hue Play light is one that is capable of voice control when you live in a smart home. It works with several different types of smart home voice technology, simplifying life and taking the work out of your home lighting. It is compatible with several available services, including such conveniences as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. 

The Philips Hue Play is sold in a convenient two-pack with an accompanying power supply plug. This means that you can connect up to three different Hue Play items on just a single power supply unit. However, this does require the use of the Hue Hub, which must be purchased separately.


  • Excellent connectivity
  • Warm lighting
  • No hub required

  • No color
  • Limited features without hub

Tech Specs: Type: LED | Wattage: 10 watts | Voltage: 120 volts | Bulb size: A19

If you are in the market for a white light bulb, the Philips Hue White A19 E26 Bulb is the best white Philips Hue light to buy. With 60 lumens and 10 watts, it is a powerful light bulb in a popular A19 size. They are built to last, too, with an Energy Star certification and an average lifetime of 22 years or 25,000 hours.  

You can activate your lights one of two ways: using the Hue mobile app or with the sound of your own voice, using your preferred voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Hue White Bulbs are also compatible with Echo smart displays and speakers, as well as Google Nest devices. Up to 10 Philips Hue smart bulbs can be connected to the free Hue app via a Bluetooth connection.

If you have a Hue Hub, your Philips Hue White Bulb will integrate with your home’s Hue system. That means you can turn lights on and off, create routines, set timers, and automate your entire home.  

The Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance is our pick for the best Philips Hue light overall, thanks to its incredible performance and wide versatility. To see how it stacks up, these are the best Philips Hue lights for your review. 

Philips Hue Light Price Where to Buy Type Wattage Voltage Bulb Size
Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit $169.99-$198.99 Best Buy, Amazon LED 9 watts 120 volts A19
Philips Hue Go $89.99 Amazon, Walmart LED 6 watts 240 volts N/A
Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip $205-$269.99 Amazon, Best Buy LED 20 watts 120 volts N/A
Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light $99.99 Amazon LED 6.7 watts 240 volts N/A
Philips Hue White A19 E26 Bulb $29.97 Amazon LED 10 watts 120 volts A19

It can be a bit difficult to determine the best Philips Hue lights for your needs, so here we offer our recommendations to help you find the right one for your home or office.

Choose this best Philips Hue light…

If you want…

Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance

A starter kit that covers all the basics and more. Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit is an excellent all-in-one solution that provides millions of shades and dimmable lighting for any mood.

Philips Hue Go

To take your Philips Hue light with you on the go. Philips Hue Go is a highly portable and versatile light that can create a personal light show with over 16 million colors and shades of white light.

Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip

An easy way to add lighting anywhere in your home. Philips Hue Gradient Lightstrip allows you to add mood lighting to any space with surround lighting from LED lightstrips. Its 45-degree light projection and custom color blends make your walls come to life.

Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light

To create your own home movie theater in your living room. Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart Light is perfect for creating a home movie theater experience in your living room, with its flexible design and voice control compatibility with several smart home devices.

Philips Hue White A19 E26 Bulb

Warm white lighting in your home. Philips Hue White A19 E26 Bulb provides warm white lighting that is easy to control through the Hue mobile app, voice control, and with the integration of a Hue Hub, you can automate your entire home’s lighting system.

When evaluating the best Philips Hue lights, we used several factors.

  • Type: There are several different types of Philips Hue lights that you can buy, from lightbulbs to lightstrips and more. Size can be an enormous factor in compatibility, so be sure to carefully match the right lighting size to the intended location.
  • Color: The best Philips Hue lights are available in both white and color with options like Hue White, Hue White Ambiance, and White & Color Ambiance. In fact, Philips Hue lights incorporate over 16 million different shades and colors. With so many choices, you can find exactly the right color scheme that you want for your home. 
  • Connectivity: Philips Hue lights are smart lights, which means that they offer smart connectivity. You can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or you can purchase a separate Hue Hub to control your lights with just the sound of your voice. 
  • Cost: The price of your Philips Hue lights can vary quite a bit, depending on whether you buy a set and which type of lights you buy. While there are plenty of lights and sets available under $100, you will find that some can reach up to $200 and more.

A Philips Hue Starter Kit goes far beyond just a single light bulb. Instead, it takes an all-in-one approach, providing everything you need to get started. Not only is it a convenient buy, but it also can be a more affordable solution when you are purchasing new lights. These kits often include multiple light bulbs and a Hue Bridge to control them all, greatly simplifying use and passing along extra cost savings.

When you use Philips Hue light bulbs, you can connect up to 50 light bulbs to the Hue Bridge as a means of central control. Once connected, this smart hub allows you full control over each bulb with the ability to turn lights on and off from afar. You can also set routines, create timers, and enjoy voice control.

Light bulbs generally are not very expensive, but Philips Hue light bulbs cost a little more because they are smart lights and are equipped with more features than a standard bulb. The best Philips Hue lights range in cost from $30 to $205, depending on whether you buy a single bulb or set with a Hue Bridge. 

You can control Philips Hue lights using your smartphone, tablet, or a smart home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. However, you will need a Hue Hub to connect multiple lights and take full advantage of their features.

Yes, Philips Hue lights use LED technology, which is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They are designed to last for years and use less power, which can save you money on your electricity bill.

Philips Hue White provides warm white lighting, while Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance allows you to choose from millions of colors and different shades of white. The White & Color Ambiance bulbs are more expensive but offer more versatility in terms of mood lighting.

In our search, we also found these best Philips Hue lights that may also find a place in your home. 

This kit provides beautiful, vibrant outdoor lighting that can be controlled through your smartphone or smart home assistant, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your outdoor space.

These outdoor pathway lights are designed to blend in seamlessly with your landscaping while providing bright, energy-efficient lighting that can be customized to suit your needs.

With its powerful LED light and easy-to-install design, the Discover Outdoor Floodlight is an excellent choice for illuminating large outdoor areas. Its smart features allow you to control the light remotely and create schedules or routines to suit your lifestyle.

Need more specialized lighting? Consider our picks for the best home office lighting and best ring lights!  

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