‘Summer House’ Stars Amanda Batula & Lindsay Hubbard Reveal What Actually Caused the Rift in Their Friendship

Amanda Batula and Lindsay Hubbard‘s beef goes back further than the fans first thought.

The Summer House co-stars revealed why there’s been a rift in their friendship in the latest episode of the hit Bravo series, out on Monday (March 6).

In a first look of the episode provided by People, the 31-year-old and 36-year-old stars explain to their co-stars that the tension between the two dates back to comments made behind-the-scenes of the show’s Season 6 reunion.

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Lindsay told Danielle Olivera and Gabby Prescod that she thought “Amanda affected our friendship way before” there was any tension between her fiancé Carl Radke and Lindsay‘s husband Kyle Cooke regarding Carl‘s role in Kyle‘s beverage brand, Loverboy.

“Long story short, she winds up saying that Carl is ‘our’ employee, he works for ‘us,’ as if Carl works for her,” Lindsay explains in the clip.

In throwback footage from backstage at the reunion show, Amanda is overheard saying: “Carl works for us. Carl‘s a friend. Carl‘s been an important part of our life for so long. I think he’s tainted by Lindsay.”

“I’m out there supporting Loverboy more than her, I’m sober to support my boyfriend and she’s saying I’m manipulating my boyfriend,” Lindsay continues to explain.

Amanda claims that she and Lindsay texted about the situation already, and that she “apologized like five times over” to Lindsay going on to say “she didn’t respond, and we’ve been good, so I’m fine.”

The two have gone back and forth for a while now: Amanda appeared on Watch What Happens Live back in October, where she named Lindsay as the rudest to fans.

“She can be, yes, from my experience,” she said, qualifying her statement by saying she seemed to be “wonderful” at BravoCon in 2022.

In December, Lindsay addressed allegations and spoke out about sleeping in a male co-star’s room.

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