SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Mocks Tucker Carlson’s J6 Video Editing and Trump-Hating Texts

Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update did only two jokes about Tucker Carlson in a week that featured nearly endless reporting about the Fox News host.

Following Carlson’s release of video footage from January 6 to which he and his staff were granted access by Republican Speaker of the House Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and revelations about communications from Carlson regarding Donald Trump that were revealed as a result of the Dominion lawsuit against the network, the Fox star has been a near endless subject of TV and online news and opinion programming.

On the latest episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost and Michael Che kept the Tucker to a minimum, which one joke each on the bowtied commentator.

Jost led with a colorful analogy for Carlson’s January 6 video.

“Tucker Carlson, seen here laughing at a dog locked in a hot car, released security footage from the January 6th attacks with the violence edited out and said it proves it was a peaceful gathering,” said Jost. “Which is like editing all the sex out of a porn video and saying ‘it’s a short film about being a stepmom.’”

Che followed that with a rip about Carlson’s apparent hatred for Trump.

“New documents from the Dominion lawsuit revealed texts from Tucker Carlson in which he says he hates Donald Trump passionately and can’t wait until he’s able to ignore him,” said Che. “That must suck to go on TV and put on a smile and make friends with some psychotic bigot just because it’s ‘good for the show!’ Anyway, back to you, Colin.”

Watch the clip above, via Saturday Night Live on NBC.

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