RT France files for bankruptcy – POLITICO

PARIS — Kremlin-backed outlet RT France filed for bankruptcy and has been placed in receivership, according to a court decision from February 23 seen by POLITICO.

On February 1, RT France President Xenia Fedorova declared to the Nanterre commercial court the suspension of payments and requested the opening of a “judicial liquidation procedure,” the document reads. The receivership is a first step.

RT France is RT’s French subsidiary. Since March 2022, RT and Sputnik are banned from broadcasting on European soil because of sanctions slapped by EU leaders after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. RT France, however, is still allowed to produce content.

In December, a new package of sanctions hit RT’s parent company, resulting in the freezing of the French subsidiary’s assets in France. In mid-January, Fedorova announced the channel would shut down.

The Nanterre commercial court decided to open an “observation procedure” for six months. A hearing is scheduled on April 20 “in order to rule, if necessary, on the continuation of activity.”

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