I will not let Kosovo into the UN, Macron and Scholz have not asked anyone

The Serbian president received criticism after the meeting with Prime Minister Albin Kurti

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke to national RTS TV about the European plan for Kosovo after the opposition accused him of betraying national state interests.

After meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in Brussels, Vucic faced a lot of criticism, especially for accepting the part of the Agreement that states “that Serbia will not oppose Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations,” which many believe is recognition of independence. In this context, rallies and national protests were announced.

Vucic stated that while he is president, he will not sign either official or unofficial recognition of Kosovo, nor membership in the United Nations. However, he assessed that the chances of changing the European proposal are zero.

“This plan of the European Union came as an idea of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz, they brought a sheet of paper. They did not ask anyone, there was no opportunity for negotiations at all,” said the Serbian president, quoted by BGNES.

“They say theirs, we say ours and we don’t agree on anything,” is how Vucic described the negotiations in Brussels.

He also stated that he had been warned of the consequences of not accepting the proposal, including the suspension of European integration and the direct withdrawal of investments.

“On March 24, the European Council will say what we are doing. If we don’t do enough, they won’t open clusters for us. There will be pressure, of course, and no one will let the negotiations continue indefinitely,” said the Serbian president.

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