‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Daily Spoilers March 20-24: Hope & Thomas Vibe at Work

See Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers for the week March 20-24, 2023 as Hope Logan vibes with Thomas Forrester now that they’re back to work together. Plus, a marriage proposal rocks B&B. This is the latest dish from our podcast. You can listen and also check out the video spoilers below.

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Hey CBS soap fans. Welcome to SoapDirt.com’s latest Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers roundup for the week March 20-24th. There’s big action coming, and major twists in the Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester situation.

Also, there are two stars coming back to the soap this week, and lots to dig into. So, check out our official spoilers from CBS, released to the media for the week ahead. You’ll also get out interpretation of what you’ll see next week.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday, March 20: Bill Spencer’s Beachy Backstory

Starting on Monday, March 20, 2023, it’s Bold and the Beautiful’s 36th season. We’re in Episode 115 as Sheila Carter is in a panic. She thinks that Bill Spencer knows that she’s shagging Deacon Sharpe.

Now, it is true that Bill Spencer is messing with her mind, but it’s nothing to do with Deacon and he only probably cares about the Deacon situation if he figures it out as a way to take Deacon down as well as Sheila.

Last week was just three episodes. Now, Bill is working with Ridge and the FBI to take her down. Also, on Monday, we see Bill thinking about his night on the beach with Sheila. They’ve mentioned it before…

While this sounds cryptic, you might remember back in January on Bold and the Beautiful there was a call back to this where Sheila mentioned that she met Bill on the beach.

Now, there’s some talk that maybe Bill was really depressed. That was right after he’d been rejected by Brooke Logan and Katie Logan. But there is obviously way more moving to this.

So, on Monday, as Bill’s thinking that over, hopefully, we find out more about exactly what happened that night and how this whole sneaky plot of Bill’s in the FBI to entrap Sheila kicked off.

B&B Spoilers Tuesday, March 21: Hope Logan & Thomas Forrester Make Magic

Then on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, on Bold and the Beautiful, it’s Season 36, Episode 116. We’ve got Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester making magic at Forrester Creations.

Remember, Liam Spencer is really upset with Hope for bringing Thomas back as her lead designer. As Hope saw, there was no future for her line without Thomas, who’s her top designer.

So, Hope Logan gave this some thought and she’s back to the default of believing that Thomas Forrester’s changed. And to be fair, this last Bold and the Beautiful scheme Thomas got into really didn’t have anything to do with him fixating on Hope.

It had to do with Thomas obsessing and fixating on reuniting his parents. And what children of divorce don’t want to see that happen? So, it is a different vibe and we’re going to see Hope and Thomas back to work on Tuesday. And they are on fire.

Also, Sheila Carter and Deacon try really hard to cut things off and say goodbye to each other. But the bottom line is they’re both smitten kittens. And there’s also probably some allure to sneaking around behind dollar bills back that’s adding a little spice.

Bold and the Beautiful Wednesday, March 22, 2023: Dollar Bill Puts a Ring on It

We’ll see if Deacon can actually say goodbye to Sheila because on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, there’s a big shake-up. That’s Season 36, Episode 117 of Bold and the Beautiful. We see Bill making a big leap with Sheila.

He gets down on one knee and pops open a ring box and proposes to the nine-toed lunatic. Of course, by now everybody knows Bill’s faking and he’s trying to entrap Sheila.

But the really bizarre thing about him being undercover for the FBI is he is deep undercover, as in under the covers with Sheila. How many casual FBI agents hop in this sack with targets of investigation?

Bill’s bedding her on Bold and the Beautiful. But apparently, he’s doing the minimum. Remember, Sheila complained to Deacon that he’s lackluster in the sack. So, he’s going through the motions, which is all very funny. He’s definitely not the stallion that we’ve heard about.

B&B Spoilers Thursday, March 23: Stephen Logan’s Back to Chew out Ridge Forrester

On Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 on B&B, it’s Season 36, Episode 118. We’re going to see Sheila run over to tell Deacon that Bill proposed to her. We’re gonna presume that she said yes. She really can’t say no, can she?

Bill is her ticket to freedom and the only reason that she’s out of prison right now. Of course, it actually seems like Bill might have coordinated with the FBI and they let her loose. The plot is kind of bizarre because they had her dead to rights.

And Bill could have declined to press charges on Taylor Hayes. They could have worked something out. But instead, we’ve got this weird, convoluted plot on Bold and the Beautiful.

So, Sheila runs to tell her lover that her other lover proposed. They think long and hard about that. Also Thursday, we’ve got two big comebacks. Stephen Logan and his girlfriend Lucy return. Remember, that’s Brooke Logan’s father and his girlfriend.

They’re played by Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl, both iconic actors you’ll know at a glance. So, Brooke’s dad shows up and he’s really upset at how Ridge Forrester did his daughter.

Brooke and Taylor told Ridge that he didn’t get to choose between them — they chose themselves. But it’s been a few months. Taylor and Brooke are best friends, so it’s not clear if Ridge tries to romance one and they put their friend status first on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday, March 23, 2023: Hope & Thomas Back at It

Then it’s Friday, March 24, 2023, Episode 119 of B&B. And Deacon and Sheila talk about their situation. They really care about each other. They really want to be together, but there’s insurmountable obstacles.

That includes Sheila in prison if she breaks up with Bill. She’s trapped and wants Deacon who also wants her. But it would be bad for him to go public with her. There’d be backlash from Hope and Brooke.

He’s been lying to everyone on Bold and the Beautiful. So, he and Sheila talk about where they’re at right now and go through some pros and cons because he doesn’t want her to marry Bill Spencer.

Also on Friday, we see more of Hope Logan working with Thomas Forrester at FC. Now, Hope really enjoys working with Thomas. And it makes Hope very happy. But, if Hope comes home and talks about how great her workday is, Liam Spencer is going to lose it.

Because he hates Thomas Forrester with a glowing purple passion. The two comebacks this week, March 20-24 on Bold and the Beautiful are Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl. That’ll be exciting. And there’s Bill’s proposal to Sheila.

But the dynamic that I personally find most interesting is Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan really vibing at work. They feed off each other and Thomas works really well with Hope. And Hope Logan enjoying her time with Thomas Forrester raises her husband’s hackles.

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